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Babysitting cream

Babysitting cream puts player in the role of the much beloved Sega character, Sonic the Hedgehog. That was the sane part. However, the game takes a not-so-innocent turn when the objective is revealed: you have to seduce Cream the Rabbit, whom you were supposed to babysit, into having sex with sonic! There are various objectives that the player has to achieve namely Shower with Cream, have sex with Cream, sleep with Cream, make Scream cum, and various other heinous acts that serve to destroy the image of Sonic as we know it, but please don’t let that stop you from immersing in the game.

The creative heads behind the game are the artist slash producer Aval0nx and the coder Avian who is prominent for his work in Feathered Adventures. The game was made in Flash but GameMaker decided to remaster it and revamp its features. Th development initiated from May 2014.

The gameplay is relatively simple with various statistics accounting for your success or failure. For example, there’s the Moral Alignment evaluator which judges if Sonic’s being naughty or nice. Every time Sonic does something without Cream’s consent, the bar dips and every time Sonic plays the role of a gentleman-which kind of deviates from the game’s intent-the bar goes up. Other factors include peeping, jerking off, touching and exposure. 

What turned out to be a simple babysitting job turns dirty and you, Sonic, have to engage in numerous sexual acts with Cream in window of seven days after which her ‘mommy of sorts’ Vanilla the Rabbit comes home.

There are some other requirements that need to be taken into account such as checking Sonic’s Journal to check where and when he’s had sex with Cream. And one shouldn’t overlook a babysitter’s fundamental job: feeding the kid. So yeah, you’ve to do that too. Overall, the game is very detailed and fluent in terms of gameplay and if you’re an adult who hasn’t had enough of Sonic, you should give this one a try.

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